Direct Sales Companies for Women

Direct Sales Opportunities for Women

There are lots of great direct sales opportunities for women. Each woman needs to find one that is best for her. Only she can tell which business opportunity will suit her lifestyle and preferences. If you are looking to make some money starting your own small or home based business and you choose to go the direct selling route, you need to make sure you know what you are getting into. With direct selling, you have to network, you have to talk to a lot of people, and you have to prospect.

Startup Costs

There is usually a startup cost associated with every direct selling opportunity. A startup cost can be small or it can be large. Sometimes, you can start a direct sales business for free by earning the startup package via previous purchases or home parties. Make sure you budget how much you can spend to start your business and how much sales you need to make to break even and eventually make a profit. Don't be sold on the concept that you will make money by having home shows and spend more than you have on inventories. Before you sign up with a direct sales company, ask about any unfront, first time purchase, promotions that you are going to be enticed into buying. While almost all direct sales companies say that no inventory is needed, they do have great incentives for consultants to purchase inventory that most women cannot pass by.

Direct Sales Opportunities for Women

Marketing & Prospecting

Even the best direct sales opportunities for women need a little help in the marketing department. While most women wait to have everything ready before they start marketing their businesses, it's generally better to test the market before you even sign up with any direct sales companies. There are many benefits to marketing and prospecting before you begin your business. First you will know before you start if there are potential customers in your area. You can get your name out early.


Networking is a very important part in a startup company. It's never too early to start networking. You will meet many people that will help you grow your business. Some will become lifelong customers and some will be great referrers of your business.